Back to School Night/Curriculum Night

Typically held within the first two weeks of school, the evening consists of a short general meeting followed by break-out sessions in each of the classrooms.  Our educators will share information about the developmental stage of the children within their particular class and the expectations and goals for the children.  Parents/guardians are also given an introduction to their responsibilities as Helpers in the classroom.

Halloween Parade

While we do not dress-up for Halloween, the children will decorate masks and parade around the playground as families congregate and enjoy this fall occasion.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Hills & Falls celebrates Teacher Appreciation week in March.  The Education Committee plans activities to recognize the school’s teaching staff.  A luncheon paired with handwritten notes, small gifts and pictures ensures our teachers know we value them deeply!

Art Show

A thoughtfully orchestrated event, our teachers erect a verifiable gallery in which you can explore the multitude of disciplines explored over the year while appreciating  the evolution of your child’s art skills.

Hills and Falls Birthday

Established in 1941 and incorporated in 1948, Hills & Falls is the oldest, continuously operated cooperative preschool in Massachusetts.  We set aside one day in March to celebrate our birthday

School Picnic

Held in a local park, our school picnic provides an opportunity for families, alongside teachers,  to convene and reflect/reminisce about the past year, while enjoying a casual dinner.