Our program focuses on the whole child, considering social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.  Our play-based, emergent curriculum is designed to foster students’ natural curiosity by providing opportunities for active play and experiential activities that lead children to discover and learn.  Educators collaborate to develop themes and activities that integrate sensory experiences, early math and reading concepts, science, social studies, art, social and self-help skills.   These thematic units are developed around and evolve from the children’s current interests.  Deeply in tune with the pulse of the class, our teachers are flexible and innovative, regularly developing new curriculum which speaks to the current cohort of children.

Enrichment Programs

Regularly scheduled programs


Music with Tucker – A talented musician, who plays seven instruments and has released three CDs, Tucker leads the children in a weekly music jam.  His sessions incorporate singing, rhyming, playing instruments and dancing/movement.


Be Ahead of the Game with Coach Brian – When the cold air arrives, we’ll take playground time inside and partake in specialized, age appropriate movement classes that are conducted in a comfortable, non-competitive environment.  Coach Brian works to develop gross motor skills, tactical, technical, physical and psychological/social abilities through creative movement and sports.  A professional coach and trainer, Coach Brian creates a fun environment and focuses on developing confident children.  He hopes to share the value of physical fitness and instill healthy habits to last a lifetime!


Yoga with Maria – Our director, Maria teaches the children yoga in a fun, safe, playful manner.  Introducing the children to the benefits of yoga, such as balance, flexibility, focus and stillness, Maria ingrains the importance of keeping our bodies healthy and strong.


Special Programming


Curious Creatures – Designed to emphasize the importance of respecting and appreciating all animals, Curious Creatures delivers an interactive, live animal program during which the children learn about and are able to touch/hold the visiting selection of mammals, bugs and reptiles


Big Joe the Storyteller – A dynamic, engaging storyteller, Big Joe draws from a collection of over 500 tales.  Whether sharing a classic or a homemade narrative, Big Joe will delight and amaze the audience


New England Aquarium – Tide Pools Alive visits Hills & Falls, engaging the children in ocean science.  This hands-on program provides sensory exploration and introduces children to the ocean habitat.  Through guided imagery, a child-size costume and live animals, children will explore and interact with local tide pool animals while learning basic biology and anatomy.


Creative Kids

In addition to the programming detailed above, an annual visit from the local fire department as well as a local dental hygienist provides robust, practical learning opportunities.