What is the student:teacher ratio?

While the state mandates a 10:1 ratio, Hills & Falls is proud to maintain a 6:1 ratio.  Please note, depending upon enrollment and class structure, we may be forced to adjust this ratio.

Is a cooperative preschool feasible if both parents/guardians work?

The Parent Help schedule is developed over the summer, so that families have ample time to prepare and/or request time-off if needed.  Great effort is made to accomodate preferences for days.  If a conflict does arise on one of your scheduled days, it is usually simple to switch with another family.

How do you teach math, science and reading concepts?

We believe in an emergent curriculum that is thematic and constantly evolving to meet the needs of each child in our program.  We blast off into space, take trips around the world and make our own paper and pasta.  Concepts and skills in the areas of language, literacy, science, problem solving and numbers are integrated into each unit.  Additionally, we have weekly enrichment programs weaved into the classroom schedule that focus on STEAM, movement, nature and culture.

How do you handle behavior issues?

“Preventative medicine” and respect are at the core of behavior management at Hills & Falls.  Each classroom teacher workds to create a safe atmosphere of mutual respect.  WE equip children with the skills and strategies for resolving conflicts and being members of a group.  Teachers redirect children, model behavior and suggest words or strategies.  When a teacher intervenes in a conflict, you may hear, “What could you say next time?”, “What could you do next time?”, “How could we work this out?”, “Let’s practice ways we could say that.”

How does the school communicate with parents/guardians?

We recognize the importance of an open dialogue and regular communication.  Weekly classroom newsletters are sent along with a weekly email from the director and co-presidents of the board.  Hills & Falls honors an open door policy, so that parents always feel welcome to visit school, schedule time to speak with teachers and/or the director.  Teachers hold conferences in the fall and spring to provide parents with written reports, logging their child’s progress.  We are accessible via social media, with a presence on Facebook and Instagram.

What if my child has trouble separating from me?

We will work with you and your child so you both have a positive experience in the morning.  Our goal is for children to feel secure and excited about transitioning into the school environment.  In our three-year-old program, Morning Circle is a wonderful way to welcome all, introduce the morning activities and ease the transition.  If desired, a parent may spend extra time in the classroom with his/her child during the first few days of school.  An adult is always available to comfort your child if he/she is upset when you depart.

How do you handle allergies at the school?

Hills & Falls enforces a nut-free policy.   All snacks and food provided to children are nut-free; however, we are housed in a building that is not nut free.  The school relays a list of “school friendly” snack suggestions and brands which manufacture in nut free facilities.  All allergies are posted in the snack areas of each classroom.  Children with an EpiPen are required to bring in their own snacks and special treats from home.  The Parent Handbook clearly states our complete allergy policy.  Please see the director if you have specific questions.

Does my child need to be potty trained before enrolling at HIlls & Falls?

Children do not need to be potty trained to enroll at Hills & Falls.  We encourage using the toilet in a positive way without pressure.  Peers often wield the greatest influence over children.  WE try to mirror the approach used at home, if possible, to ensure consistency. It’s a collaborative effort.  A changing area is located in the children’s restroom.