Cooperative Community

Our cooperative encourages and facilitates a strong sense of community among families and staff through collaborative, well-developed relationships. The collaboration inherent in a cooperative makes it a great place for parents/guardians and children to build a strong foundation of learning and for parents to gain a deeper understanding of child development. The benefits of a cooperative preschool include:

  • Children enjoy a special and memorable experience having their parent/guardian participate in the classroom as a helper (approximately 6 times per school year).

  • Parents get a window into their child’s preschool experience, get to know all the children in the class, and witness the range of development within an age group.

  • In working alongside professional staff, parents gain a broader understanding of child development and problem solving strategies.

  • Children, parents/guardians, and teachers benefit from a supportive community of families who are actively engaged in their children’s first formal learning experience.


Parent quote, “Working side by side with the teachers in the classroom gave me the language and the tools to use at home with my children.”

Outside the classroom, families come together and work closely with the director and staff to maintain a high-quality program. The Board of Directors (composed of parents/guardians) oversees several committees that carry out designated activities (e.g., marketing, fundraising) for the school, and each family participates on a committee. Parents have the opportunity to choose a level of commitment best suited to their abilities and interest. Opportunities to contribute include everything from a one-time project or activity to an ongoing, weekly or monthly commitment. | 617-964-2086

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