History and Philosophy

Hills and Falls Nursery School was established in 1941 by a group of parents who wanted to be involved in their children’s education. In the first year, 16 children were enrolled. Over the next several years, educators assumed more of the direct responsibilities for the program. Parents participated in the program by helping out in the classroom and sharing in the maintenance of the school. When Hills and Falls Community Nursery School, Inc. was incorporated in 1948 as a nonprofit organization, parents became more involved in the school’s functioning and financial development. Today, Hills and Falls serves over 40 families in the greater Newton-Wellesley area. It continues to follow its long tradition of providing a quality preschool education while offering an opportunity for parents/guardians to become involved and share the experience with their children.

Hills and Falls offers a play-based curriculum in a cooperative nursery school environment. For the young child, preschool is often the first step away from home. We provide a warm, nurturing, and enriching environment to help children feel secure and ready to make that first step. We believe that play is the child’s way of learning and fosters social, physical, emotional, and intellectual development. We encourage children’s natural abilities in play by providing an environment rich in developmentally appropriate activities for children to explore at their own pace. At Hills and Falls, the children have the added advantage of being able to share this experience with their families. By joining their child in the classroom, parents/guardians experience firsthand what their child is learning and get to know the other children in the class.

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Hills & Falls Nursery School

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