Diversity & Inclusiveness


Hills and Falls recognizes that children live in a diverse world. A preschool experience introduces children to new families with much variety. It is at this early stage that children begin to appreciate the differences as well as the similarities of others. Through years of experience and training in preschool education, our educators believe that children who are allowed to learn in a diverse and inclusive environment will be happy, confident and knowledgeable about themselves and others; have the skills to handle themselves in many social settings; and show compassion and understanding towards others.


Hills and Falls is committed to a diverse and inclusive community. Our commitment to honoring the dignity and rights of everyone in the community is reflected in every aspect of our program and our school culture. Building and sustaining a diverse community is an ongoing process that remains at the heart of our mission as a school.

Hills and Falls does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sex, sexual preference, religion, national or ethnic background, age, or ability.

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