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Dino Class

In the Dino class we provide a kind and nurturing classroom community where every child feels safe and confident to explore and discover playful learning. We offer an emerging curriculum, which reflects the children’s interests.  Numbers and letters are woven into our units of study, and during group time through Dino news and the number line.  Through modeling and kind language we help each child advocate for his and her needs and use words to navigate social situations. Our goal is for every child to learn the social and emotional skills needed to enjoy their time at school. The children leave the Dino year excited for their next adventure, whether it be kindergarten or the Rainbow class.


Anne-Marie has built a career teaching in a variety of school settings in both Great Britain and the U.S. When she became a mom, she took time off to raise her children. Eager to return to teaching, Anne-Marie was drawn to the caring and supportive community at Hills & Falls. In 2013, she joined as a teacher in the five-year-old class and transitioned to Lead Teacher of the four-year-old class in 2016. Anne-Marie’s favorite part of teaching is sharing in the curiosity & eagerness that children bring to new experiences.



Ally joined Hills & Falls in October 2017 as an assistant teacher in the Dino class. Ally has deep roots at our school, having attended as a child. Her mother, Nancy, has served as a regular substitute teacher at Hills & Falls for many years. Ally graduated in 2014 from the University of Redland, where she played lacrosse. Her passion for the sport has persisted as she currently coaches the Newton South High School JV lacrosse team. Ally’s favorite sports team is the Celtics and her favorite TV show is Top Chef.


9:00  Arrival

9:30 Bathroom

9:45  Group Time

10:05  Choice/Art Project


10:45  Snack

11:05. Group Activity

11:25 Pack up/outside play

12:00 - Dismissal

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