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At Hills and Falls, we place a strong emphasis on the enrichment of our students and recognize its significance in their overall development. To this end, we offer weekly music classes with Jamming by You and movement classes with Be Ahead of the Game, providing a dynamic and engaging learning experience for our students. Furthermore, we are pleased to host special visits from Creative Creatures and Big Joe throughout the year, further augmenting our students' educational journey.


Jammin’ With You Music Enrichment provides modern, upbeat and interactive music enrichment to children ages 6 weeks – 6 years. Our Music Specialists perform live and engage students (and teachers) in dancing, singing, imaginative play, themed-songs, and of course, jammin’!



Be Ahead of the Game provides a FUN, safe, and positive learning environment for children of all abilities, with a focus of developing kids motor skills through creative movement and sport.

Summer Enrichment

Summer Enrichment is a one week mixed-age experience, led by current Hills & Falls teachers and designed for current Hills & Falls children. We spend the majority of our time outdoors on our playground (weather permitting). Activities include water play, beach day (on the playground), art projects and science experiments.  Teachers create a different curriculum for each day, engaging the students with hands-on outdoor activities.



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